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In The Community

Dr. Hamberg Becomes Dr. Whisler!

August 7th, 2017

Our own Dr. Hamberg is about to become Dr. Sonya Whisler this coming weekend! She will be marrying one of Dr. Persinger's best friends, Shane Whisler! The ThurstonTalk blog wrote an article on Sonya last week, as well as mentioning our new mural (seen below), check it out:


Thurston Talk Article!

March 9th, 2015

Thanks to our local blog Thurston Talk for the interview and awesome write up! And I'm so glad you included my picture from the 2014 Mission Fundraiser show (below), I would totally grow out my hair if it'd look this cool!

The Mission Fundraiser Show!

October 22nd, 2013

MC Skip, Dr. Venn Peterson, and myself after "Not Another Toothache Blues"

Thanks to everybody who came out for the 2013 Olympia Union Gospel Mission fundraiser extravaganza! I loved being a part of it again this year and getting to know some of the other awesome dentists in our community even better, including Drs. Bath, Psaltis, Kern, Winters, Peterson, and Russell. Great group, great show! We raised $44,759 for the Mission's free dental clinic (thanks in no small part to some generous matching donors).

Click here to see a video of the acoustic number that Dr. Peterson and I did together, a rewrite of Jim Croce's "Workin' at the Carwash Blues" that we called "Not Another Toothache Blues".

Also scroll down for more pictures and to see the song's witty and meaningful lyrics (that some genius must have written! :)

Thanks to Charlene Welsh for sending me the video and photos!

"Taking Care of Patients" ...with hardware drills, oh my!

"Run Around Sue" ...that Dr. Winters has a heckuva voice!

"Cavities" done to the tune of "Lemon Tree" ...I am too young to know this song.

Lyrics for "Not Another Toothache Blues"

Well I had first heard bout the Union Gospel Mission As I waited out the rain in this door Tried to find me a comfortable position But nothing seemed to help anymore He wouldn't listen to the fact that I was a genius I said man, stop that crying on your shoes But I got them steadily depressin', low down mind messin' Not another toothache blues Well I should be sitting in an air-conditioned Office in a dental chair Talking some cash to the secretaries sayin' Here now doctor it's this one over here Instead I'm stuck here holding my jaw with a rag And dying from this pain in my tooth Cause I got them steadily depressin', low down mind messin' Not another toothache blues You know a man of your dire need must consult with a dental physician But till I get myself straight I guess I'll just have to pray That they can get you in down at the Mission Well all I can do is shake my head That you might not believe it's true There's people in this city who'll give you more than pity Helping you is what they can do I ain't no high roller, please help me with my molar In any way that you can or you choose With them steadily depressin', low down mind messin' Not another toothache blues