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We'd love to hear about your experience! All the testimonials below were found online (and are now updated with the first five being Dr. Sonya Whisler reviews!):


I hadn't seen a dentist in six years, and Dr. Hamberg was highly competent, great at educating, and even better at dealing with dental anxiety. As a bonus, quick and efficient, and caused minimal pain. They are constantly checking to make sure you are comfortable and informed about what is happening. Highly recommended!

-Lou C.


I hate going to the dentist. It is always very difficult to get myself to go and can often cause anxiety attacks for me. But unfortunately, it's something that has to be done. After a lot of bad experiences with impatient, unkind and downright rude dentists, I found Dr. Sonya Hamberg. She didn't make me feel like a bad person for not having gone to a dentist for a while. She was completely warm with a lovely sense of humor and an ability to put me at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable and alludes a confidence that lets you know she knows what she's doing.  She tells you exactly what she's going to do before she does it, which is so helpful to me. She is consistently checking on you while she's working in your mouth and in a way where you feel you can actually tell her the truth. Her patience and kindness when I had to get a rather difficult procedure was the only reason I didn't have a complete freak out in the dentist chair. I appreciate her and her team so very much and I will always recommend her to any and all of my acquaintances or anyone who might be looking for a dentist.

-Jordaan M.


I have to say that this has been my best experience at the dentist ever!! Everyone here is super nice, upbeat, knowledgeable and just gave me an all out amazing experience! During my cleaning, I actually had FUN...AT THE DENTIST!! 

Dr. Hamberg extracted my wisdom teeth that I had been avoiding getting taken out for quite sometime. I was awake for the whole procedure and she was just fantastic. Always making sure I was okay, took her time, let me know what was going on, what she was doing when she was doing it. I had a great recovery and someone called to check up on me the next day. 

-Jinnger R.


Dr. Hamberg had me laughing through everything from wisdom teeth extractions to cavity fillings, which is pretty impressive.

-Ashley M.


Dr. Hamburg. What can I say?  She simply rocks. Down to earth. Funny as hell. Can we be friends in real life?

-Rebeka C.


This was the best dental experience I have ever had! 
I have a lot of dental-related anxiety and everyone from the receptionist to the hygienist to Dr. Persinger helped to put me at ease throughout my visit. Everybody was so friendly and talked me through everything very thoroughly, making sure I was doing alright every step of the way. I don't know if they offer nitrous because I was so relaxed that I didn't even have to ask for it. That's a first for me! I was seen very quickly and it is a small office so I didn't have to wait very long between the x-rays and the procedure either.
Also, I don't have insurance and the fees were very reasonable. Dr. Persinger says on his website that he assists with the union gospel mission dental clinic, so it is clear that he is a compassionate and caring individual. I would recommend this office to anybody and will definitely be back if I need any more work done while I'm in the area.

-Ursula M.


I'm new to Olympia and had to find a dentist.  I found Dr. Persinger on Reddit, of all places.  His staff was warm, friendly, and extremely professional.  My cleaning was thorough.  My hygienist was quick but extremely thorough and my teeth felt amazing afterwards!

The Dr. had a great chair-side manner and noticed something (a twisted tooth in the back of my mouth) that no other dentist had caught before, and showed me in the x-ray.  Also, his cash charge was very low, which was perfect because my insurance does not cover dental.

I could tell that Dr. P knew what he was doing.   My honest impression is that he and his staff genuinely care about their patients and treat them well.  And I also like how my hygienist explained everything as she was doing it so I understood what was going on.  Will definitely go back again.

-Ian F.


These people literally saved my life. My fear of going to the dentist was a thing of the past my first visit. Jared and his team work awesome together and you can feel that they understand you as a person. I needed an awful lot of work done and hadn't smiled in years. After a handful of visits, I now smile ALL the time. As far as pain goes, I only had a few moments and work stopped, I was re-numbed and more magic was created. You can't even tell I had any work done. I owe Jared a ton of hugs, but we're men, and people were looking. I'll sneak one in my next visit. Looking forward to my next checkup. If you're thinking about going there...don't, just go. You'll be glad you did. I promise you. By the way, I travel from Seattle to have work done here.

-Derek R.


Sold! I had a bad skateboarding accident over 10 years ago and knocked one of my teeth out. I had some dental work over the years from various people but the work was never complete and I felt a nagging pain for years. And noticed it often when I bit into something. Bad experience after the other, trying to fix the issues with various dentists, I decided to give up for a while. That was until the pain became so unbearable this weekend that I had to give in and see a dentist.

I couldn't get a hold of anyone over the weekend but left a message at Persinger's office, along with several others and they were first to get back to me. They scheduled me for the next hour and the drive was 2 minutes away. :) Another perk!

Did the normal x ray thing and checkup and then the good news -- I was told I needed a root canal. I've had a few of these before and never enjoyed them. I agreed to it and the procedure was quick and fairly painless.

Even though it's only been 12 hours, I am already feeling much better. I will write a followup on this if anything changes but I am very happy overall. Dr. Persinger is clearly an expert in his field and very professional. I have found my new dentist! Thank you again for everything!

-Patrick M.


"I'll be a patient here for life! the staff is wonderful & the customer service is 100%. everyone goes above and beyond to provide a great experience from appointment booking, to billing and financing, to the dentistry itself. the experience is personal, you're not just money they're collecting. they'll work with your budget and prioritize your needs. I can't say enough great things."

-Brandy H.


"I have found an incredible family dentist in Dr. Persinger. My family just got dental for the first time ever. As you can imagine we had many issues that needed to be treated. I was incredibly nervous due to extreme anxiety when it comes to dentists. Dr. Persinger and his team worked together and even held my hand to help calm me through each procedure. I recieved valuable education on my teeth as well to help take care of them. In one month every cavity was filled and wisdom teeth pulled. I am proud to say I am also on my way to a straight white smile with the suggestion of Invisilign. Dr. Persinger and his dental team help restore my confindence by giving me the gift of a beautiful smile. My family and I are very greatful to our new family dentist!"

-Shona S.


"This place is amazing. I went to a dental office in Shelton and was givin a estimate for 21,000.00 for all my teeth to be fixed and was givin a pamphlet for easy terms financing LOL. so needless to say off I go for a second opinion at bright now dental. I was told there that it would cost 18,000.00 both places saying all my teeth needed to be extracted and dentures put in. so in the process of complaining about my teeth a friend tells me about ruddell rd dentistry so I make a apt and off I go for another scary estimate. well to much surprise the dr comes in and sais I can save all your teeth!!!! and he quoted me dam near 7k less then every where else. so I said lets do it. it has been two months now and my teeth feel great and I can now smile with out feeling gross. my teeth were HORRIBLE. please public listen to me if you have dental problems you have to go to ruddell rd before you make a decision on mouth repair you will be glad you did. the dr jared there is a polite,honest,fair,caring dentist. he must be the only honest dentist left out there." 

-Damian A.


"My girls went first. I was nervous for them. a 2 yr old and almost 4 year old. They had a blast and are excited to go back. I LOVED that they had a good experience. Then it was my turn and I was nervous (had a tooth ache) He caught some shoddy work I had done recently from a different dentist and fixed it as well as the dentist. It was pain free! Not normal for me at the dentist. I was and am thrilled my girls and I have him to go to. And I LOVE the staff!!!"

– Sarah C.


"I went to here because I had very stupidly bit down on a fork really hard. Luckily (very luckily), there was no root damage. Dr. Persinger and his staff were (are) awesome. Going to the dentist is not on most people's Fun list, but they make it as nice as possible. They are all really nice and helpful with any questions or concerns. I think I have found my new dentist."

– Jennifer H.


"Great with kids! My 8 year-old daughter and my 2 year-old nephew both came to this office and really liked Dr. Persinger! This was my nephew’s first appointment and Dr. Persinger was great with him! :-) They have great financing options and even offer options for patients without dental insurance, which was extremely convenient and well worth the money spent!"

– Katie N.


"I was very pleased with the service I received.  The crew ensured I had a good overall experience. Dr Persinger, using the most of modern equipment, gave me the most thorough and complete exam I've ever had.  I was wowed by his insights, even though I have some trouble spots.  His professionalism, industry knowledge and gentle manner made the whole experience valuable to my ongoing health and welfare.  

I will be bringing the rest of my family from a more established dentist, so we can all grow together.  I recommend you stop in and meet him."

Chad P.


"For the past 10 years I've been to dentists who made me feel poorly about the condition my teeth were in.  I admittedly was lack luster on my oral care as a child and adolescent, but once past that, I made it a point to take care of my teeth.  It didn't matter.  It seemed, every time I would see a dentist, I was being scolded.  I could always expect a couple fillings and it felt as if I was just a nuisance.  

I finally decided that like any other good business practice, it was part of a dentist and his team's job to make their patients feel cared about as well as have their patient's concerns answered with kind and informative answers.  I literally asked the receptionist when I inquired about Dr. Persinger's office if their team was nice!  She assured me the hygienists were awesome gals with great people skills and exceptional bedside manner.  So I trusted her and made my initial appointment.  The receptionist made me feel comfortable the minute I arrived and my hygienist started the conversation off talking about her love of handbags!  Seriously awesome.  She noted the GOOD things I was doing for my teeth but also guided me on how I could improve on my skills.  The music in the office was a great distraction to the sound of drills which we all love … and Dr. Persinger took the time to get to know me before he even checked out my teeth.  I booked an appointment for the next day to take care of my … you guessed it … fillings and I've never been so impressed with the time Dr. Persinger took to complete my work and the care that went into it.  

I would recommend Dr. Persinger and his office to anyone, especially those who have had less than perfect dental experiences.  After all, you do have a choice in who you choose to take care of your dental needs, why not make it the best experience you can?  My sincerest thanks to the whole team!"

– Molly B.